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In this workshop participants will learn to apply Spiral Dynamics Integral in working with organizational culture, change processes, group coaching and personal coaching through the use of ValueMatch online questionnaires and profiling instruments. This can be applied in coaching, training, consultancy and HR work. Participants can start applying the work directly in their professional practice. The training consists of online lectures, assignments and access to the ValueMatch online learning environment.

Prerequisite is sufficient knowledge of Spiral Dynamics Integral, equivilant to Spiral Dynamics level 1 training. Upon completion participant are ValueMatch Certified Practitioners.VMCertifiedLogoBlueHighRes

The workshop fee includes a bundle of ValueMatch profiles to be used for training purposes. This includes the values, change and workplace culture profiles and reports.

The workshop consists of 8 online sessions each 2 - 3 weeks. Participants who sign up 3 weeks before the starting are included in the planning of the sessions.

Fee for small businesses (up to 20 employees) is € 795, corporate fee is € 995. Prices exclude VAT when applicable (in the Netherlands and private participants in the EU).

For more information, click here to see the brochure.

Startdatum 22-08-2017 16:00
Aantal plaatsen 3
Sluitingsdatum 21-08-2017
Prijs per persoon €795,00
€795,00 3

SDBasicModel04Many of todays dynamics in organizations, teams and our society can be much better understood when we understand what really drives people's behavior. The Spiral Dynamics model, based on decades of research, give this insight. 

This online training gives participants in depth knowledge of Spiral Dynamics Integral.

The training consists of 9 online lectures of 2 hours, spread out over a 14 week period. In between the lectures participants get assignments and can study using the ValueMatch online environment.

Price includes a ValueMatch Values and Change profiling report and 1 year access to our online resources.

Startdatum 18-09-2017 18:00
Einddatum 04-12-2017 18:00
Aantal plaatsen 10
Sluitingsdatum 18-09-2017
Prijs per persoon €595,00
€595,00 10

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